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our story.

The company is the brainchild of founder, Mike Ford, whose firm belief is that too many people leave their potential,  in and out of work, untapped.

Organisations regularly fail to tap into the true capability and energy of their people and therefore the real potential of their business performance.

Mike's background in business, human behaviour, employee engagement, leadership coaching and a passion to help people to be their best, led him to start Grateful Lemon with a clear purpose;

To help business fulfill its potential, by putting their people first. 


The world has changed, much, of which, it wasn't ready for!

Work and home environments have been disrupted and with it so have many of our daily habits. People are only now feeling the effects of such unparalleled and significant change.

We help business leaders to understand the power of energy. Energy in individuals, energy they bring to work and the amazing untapped potential impact of compounding energy amongst their teams.


We help businesses to think different about how their leadership habits and culture support or contradict sustained peak performance amongst their people and teams.


In the new world we live in, you need a new way of living.

We are a team of characters, individuals with unique and different talents, yet all with one common purpose; a passion to help people achieve more in a sustainable way that works for them personally,  their team and business.

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the story of our name.

So “why Grateful Lemon?”  is the one question that everyone asks

It encapsulates the two of the most simple, yet important elements that can transform your life.


 1.   Living with gratitude in replacement of expectations. Amazing things happen to you when you adopt this mindset.

 2.  Starting everyday with a glass of lemon water encapsulates the power of small yet significant healthy habits and provides the energy to live life.

Without energy, we never fulfill our potential. Lemons might only play a small part, but it’s a great place to start!

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