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Sparking your leaders, teams and culture into life.

By connecting the dots between wellbeing and sustainable performance.

We provide...

  • Leadership events

  • Interactive workshops

  • Keynote talks

  • Leadership performance coaching

  • Strategic performance consultancy

We make a real difference for real people living real lives.

Great to meet you today. Loved your session. Very inspiring and thought provoking. A refreshingly different approach to performance. It’s much more about peak performance than wellbeing 

CEO, Large International Consultancy

Very interesting and thought provoking session, when Mike talks you just want to listen and take in every word.

Client Services Director

International Brand Agency

It was fun, very informative and engaging and dare I say that your own personal energy pervaded the room

Managing Partner

Large UK Law Firm

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about us.

We are a consultancy made of diverse talents and backgrounds, with decades of experience in life, sport, science and business.

Our mission is to spark you, your people, your culture and workplace into life by connecting the dots between your personal wellbeing and your ability to perform at your peak consistently!

Always fascinated about human behaviour we bring the best of our backgrounds and experience in culture transformation, employee engagement, health and wellbeing together to create Grateful Lemon.


Because people are suffering and struggling!

The world has changed, reshaped by the impact of a global pandemic. We emerged thinking, working and living differently in this permanently-ON world; one that won’t slow down anytime soon.

Burnout and overload are now common place  and it is our firm belief that the way we are working today won’t work for anyone, especially the wellbeing of you, your people and your culture.

While many companies deploy well meaning wellbeing initiatives, many fail to shift the needle. 

That's where we are different.

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